Home Based Therapy

Each one-on-one session is conducted by a skilled therapist whom your child gets to know, trust, and build and fun and enjoyable relationship with. Sessions target every aspect of daily living, empowering them to develop and maintain life-changing skills including social skills, communication skills, behavior, and life skills. Family members will be able to easily participate to help with generalization across people.

School-Based ABA

Many daycares and private schools allow for our therapist to accompany your child as a 1:1 aide during the school day to help your child to access his or her curriculum in the least restrictive environment as well as manage maladaptive behaviors. We can support your child to meet IEP goals such as learning to pay attention, stay on task, tolerate transitions and sudden schedule changes, social skills with peers and more.

Community-Based ABA

If you could use some help in managing successful outings with your child to the grocery store, dentist office, or park, we can help by easily incorporating community outings to your child’s program. Our clinicians will collaborate with your family to make these everyday outings easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Parent/Family Training and Guidance

Family participation is essential part of a successful intervention of ABA therapy. Families will learn how to extend the treatment throughout your child’s daily routine in all settings and become empowered to make informed decisions regarding your child’s program.

Remote Services

We also offer HIPPA complaint remote services for supervision, observation, and training. This feature allows for being able to provide guidance and informed updates to both the parents and therapist without the supervisor being physically present when there may be schedule constraints.
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